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"A Bigger Bench & More Lean Mass in Less Than a Week?"

Did you know that in as little as 5 days, subjects taking the precise dose of creatine monohydrate found in sugar free Power Chews Creatine� significantly improved their bench pressing power while adding more lean muscle mass when compared to the placebo group? They did...and that's not all. †

New, groundbreaking research shows that the precise dose of creatine found in Power Chews Creatine, in combination with resistance training, can suppress myostatin protein expression. Not familiar with myostatin protein? †

Myostatin protein is a naturally occurring protein inside your body, and it actually prevents you from growing new muscle cells. Bummer right? Well, you'll want to hear this.

Scientists followed 27 healthy male athletes for 8 weeks. The group supplementing with creatine, in addition to 8 weeks of resistance training, showed significantly lower levels of myostatin, which scientists now believe contributes to the significant gains observed in lean muscle tissue...ie, they got huge, blown up, and tanked out! †

Once again, creatine monohydrate is continuing to prove itself as the KING of all muscle builders!