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"Is your workout recovery going slower than a grandma driving on the freeway?"

Then you won't want to squeeze in another workout until you read this from start to finish. Chew on this - Research suggests that after an intense training session, nearly 50% of your body's glutamine levels are depleted...as in wiped out, gone, Ka'put! And that's not good for a number of reasons. ?

First, for you to recover and build the kind of muscle and strength you're after, your muscles must be in a state of positive nitrogen balance...a state that's enhanced when monster levels of amino acids are jam packed inside your muscles. And guess which amino is the most abundant of them all?

That's right, L-glutamine. In fact, L-glutamine represents nearly 60% of the free-form amino acids inside your muscle, suggesting it's a very important amino for athletes. So it only makes sense to keep this superstar amino crammed inside every last muscle fiber to help promote recovery. But guess what? Because L-glutamine is in such high demand throughout your body, and because building muscle isn't necessarily your body's numero uno priority, your body has no problem robbing your muscles to get more of it.

That's because L-glutamine is used extensively throughout the gut and immune system to help maintain optimal performance. Therefore, supplementing with L-glutamine may help reduce the amount of muscle breakdown that occurs from the depletion of intramuscular L-glutamine stores. ?

But here's where L-glutamine really becomes a must have, rock star amino in your supplement arsenal. Scientists have discovered that L-Glutamine can increase plasma human growth hormone (HGH) levels in men over the age of 30 by nearly 4 times that of normal baseline values. Want to hear something even cooler? ?

Power Chews Glutamine contains more than twice the amount of glutamine discovered to elicit this powerful physiological response!